BUSYPOD is not a single product, it is a product family that provides sound insulation and acoustics. It consists of booths of different sizes ranging from a space for a single person to a meeting space for 6-8 people. We want you to know that we have been working diligently on the details that make a difference for all stages of the product, from the ease of installation to design variety. All our products are easy to carry, easy to install and can be disassembled and re-assembled many times. BUSYPOD's unique design has been created to fit compatible into any space. With the unique texture and shape of each piece, you can optimize your BUSYPOD for your place and make it a part of your office.

Among the practices and measures to be taken in order to increase employee productivity, which is a constantly desired issue for companies, the importance of the characteristics of the working environment has gradually increased. Although employees want to go from crowded and noisy environments to quiet environments, they may not find these opportunities in their work areas. Not every company has a suitable area for it. BUSYPOD products provide you with these opportunities in minimum areas and increase the comfort and workforce of your employees completely.


Office Pod

BUSYPOD is our phone booth for a single person. It provides you a comfortable conversation environment in crowded places, while it allows you to express yourself comfortably in quiet places without disturbing anyone with its acoustic performance and sound insulation feature. BUSYPOD are designed to meet your basic needs inside with appropriate elements like table, lighting, ventilation, stool, electrical unit, etc...

BUSYPOD Product Series

Working & Meeting Booth for 1 & 2 Person
Meeting Pod for 4 Person
Meeting Pod for 6-8 Person

Office Phone Booth

BUSYPOD is a phone booth for a single person. You can make phone calls, video conferences and focus your work. You will not disturb other people when you speak loudly.

Office Work Pod

BUSYPOD Medium has 2 variations with working pod and meeting pod for 1 and 2 person. It provides silent and comfortable spaces for people to focus their works or collaborate.

Meeting Pod

BUSYPOD Large is a meeting pod for 4 person. It provides silent spaces for people to focus their meetings or video conferences.

Meeting Booth

BUSYPOD XLarge is a meeting pod for 6-8 person. It provides silent spaces for people to have meetings and make presentations in comfortable spaces.